A few days ago, IBM release an announcement with some of the new WCS FEP 7 Features.

Take a look at:


Some of the features I particularly liked:

Starter store responsive design: New responsive design techniques help enable business users quickly and easily create and manage mobile-optimized and tablet-optimized stores. WebSphere Commerce recognizes the type and size of the device the visitor is using and automatically optimizes and delivers content for that device. With responsive design, business users no longer have to manage individual stores for each device type. Responsive design helps:

  • Optimize the browsing experience in Aurora starter stores by leveraging responsive web design across devices with different screen sizes.
  • Lower the implementation cost by providing sample hybrid web applications for mobile phones and tablets, with responsive web content in WebSphere Commerce and mobile application management in IBM Worklight®.

Web Content Manager integration: With Web Content Manager integration, marketers and merchandisers can more quickly and easily create and manage content and incorporate content into a store for an improved customer experience. Web Content Manager gives Management Center users the ability to manage all WebSphere Commerce content within an integrated content management system. It provides users with rich text editing tools, content workflow, multilingual support, and content pre-rendering support. The prebuilt integration uses a punch-out mechanism to give Management Center users direct access to the Web Content Manager user interface for content editing.

Which features did you like? Leave a comment!