WCS FEP 6 new features – Spot Title

After a while without any posts, due to a complex project delivery, I will start to write again about an exciting topic. FEP 6 new features.

In this first post, we will start with a very simple feature that wasn’t in the business user control in FEP 5, and has a huge business value to the website.

The “E-Marketing Spot Title”.

e-marketingspottitleSimple as the name suggest, this feature allows the business user to provide a specific “title” for any E-Marketing spot he desires, through a web activity.

The effect of this is really nice, specially because we can use an asset as title, an HTML (to do something more elaborate) or a simple text edited by the WYSIWYG editor.

Lets choose as an example this spot from Aurora starter store, as default, it has the “New this Week” title.

spot Using the new preview (We will talk about these exciting new features from preview in a next post), we can see all related information of the E-Marketing Spot.spot preview

Then we have:

Title: HomeRow2_CatEntries

Type: Catalog entry spot.

Web Activity: HomeRow2_CatEntries

spot detailsClicking on “EDIT” the WebActivity, we see a simple “Recommend Catalog Entry” action.

To insert the title we desire, we have to drag and drop the action “E-Marketing Spot Title” before the content recommendation. Remember that in order to do this, you have to deactivate the Web Activity.

drag and drop actionAfter this, we have to create a new content or use an existing one to set as the Spot Title. Remember that we can use Assets or HTML, but for this example, lets create a simple title using the editor.


newtitleSave your content with your new title, and drag and drop it to the action area.

dragnewtitleSave and activate your Webactivity.  Use the preview to see the results.
It should look like this:

finalresultIf you have any questions regarding how to use any feature from WCS, please, feel free to post a comment!